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Vitalograph spirometers use the Spirotrac V software. This PFT software uses direct storage to a SQL database and is very flexible and stable. Some spirometers write to a local unstable local database then write data from there to a SQL database. That approach is very prone to transaction log errors and data loss if the data transmission to the SQL database fails.

Below are some questions and answers to provide customization and flexibility for setting up and customizing your Vitalograph system, inluding database maintenance and backup. Videos require Windows Media Player or compatible player that will play Windows "wmp" files.


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My Spirometer can not find the USB port connection.

This is generally a problem where the USB port is not configured properly to the Vitalograph software on the correct COM port. This can happen if the USB cable is moved to a different USB port in the computer, or if another USB device is conected to the Spirotrac computer.

To fix this, open the Vitalograph Spirotrac program and click on Tools - Options then select the Communications Box. Inside that dialog box is a "Detect" button. Click this button and the system will learn the proper COM port being used and will set it automatically. See Video

How do I change patient demographic unit to Metric or English?

Open up Spirotrac Software. Select Tools - Options - Subject Entry and make your selections in the appropriate boxes. See Video

How do I customize my Vitalograph reports?

To change the report headers, report type, intrepretation and graphs navigate to Tools - Reports. To change the parameters that show while testing and that will be included on reports navigate to Tools - Options - Parameters. Check the boxes on the parameters you want to use on the reports.

NOTICE: Your custom selections will show during testing but will not print when the "one page" report is selected. The one page report has fixed parameters that are utilized on the report. See Video

How often should I calibrate my PFT Spirometer?

The ATS recommends that PFT Spirometers be calibrated daily and that your calibration syringe be certified annually.  
Click here for Syringe certification information

Why are my report selections not appearing on my report?

Selected parameters for reports will only be effective if the report type is set to "One Page" report. If the report type is set for other than one page, then the report will be a basic one page reports with the standard spirometry parameters reported. See Video

I get a database backup warning each time I open Vitalograph. How can I turn this warning off?
Open the Vitalograph Software. Click on Tools - Database Management, click the Settings tab and unclick the box indicating "Display Backup Notification on start up". See Video
How can I use Incentive Screens during testing?

To activate the Incentive features of the Vitalograph software, Open the program, click on Tools - Options - Incentives. Click the "Show Incentives" box. Choose the type of Incentive screen you want to use. Values can also be set for the target % of predicted and the target % of best test. The incentive transparency of the screen can also be set. See Video

During testing the Incentive feature can be turned on and off while testing. There is an Incentive label at the top left of the screen. Clicking on it will allow the Incentive feature to be toggled on and off. See Video

NOTE: While using the incentive feature, tidal breathing before an effort is not possible. While incentives are being utilized the patient must take a deep breath, put the sensor in their mouth, and blow... blow... blow...